X-Genics, the provider of eManager compliance software products, is joining forces with the leading recruitment firm Morgan Hunt to help GP practices identify and address strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the biggest transformation in the NHS in a generation. Under the initiative, the two firms will help ensure family health centres have the right support as they prepare to take charge of commissioning services.

To make the most of the changes, aimed at improving healthcare across the board while cutting unnecessary bureaucracy, GP surgeries will need to make certain their staff have the right levels of competence, and this new service promises to help GPs make a realistic assessment of their staff and capabilities as well as plan for necessary changes.

X-Genics helps practitioners improve governance and quality assurance while reducing costs through its fully integrated software package.

Morgan Hunt, which provides an innovative range of recruitment, consultancy and headhunting services to the NHS and wider healthcare sector, will link with X-Genics to help fill the gaps in skills or where staff need to be replaced due to the higher-quality demands of the new regime.

X-Genics will work with Morgan Hunt to ensure GP practices are able to make informed strategic decisions in achieving maximum efficiency with the best staff, ensuring that they are ideally placed to succeed, delivering better healthcare across the community and unrivalled value for money.

“We are pleased to be pioneering this approach alongside one of the foremost staffing providers in UK healthcare,” said Bharat Patel, the CEO of X-Genics. “As both firms worked to develop competence and leading positions in respect of the changes taking place in the health service, the potential benefits of pooling our resources and working together became clearer.”

Rob Hilder, Manager of Morgan Hunt’s Health Practice added: “X-Genics brings an exciting dimension to our traditional recruitment services and enables both organisations to deliver a fully rounded service to General Practice.” He added: “We look forward to working in partnership with X-Genics and recruiting to the structures of practices and GP consortia as they establish.”