X-Genics and Pathway Solutions (UK) Limited are pleased to announce a collaborative agreement whereby the two organisations will be bringing together their respective expertise to introduce a new level of validation and verification service to Primary Care Trusts and consortia.

Pathway Solutions describes its validation module as “a highly cost-effective, easy to use, on-line system that enables practices to verify the charges made by Providers to PCTs and practices in real time‟. Richard Prior, the CEO of Pathway Solutions, said: “We pride ourselves in being able to provide one of the most effective solutions to the market.

However, the operation of the system very much depends on the quality and experience of the staff in GP practices who check the accuracy of the charges. There is no doubt that our client PCTs make substantial savings through our system. However, an even higher level of recovery can be achieved with specialist and dedicated operators, which is what X-Genics will deliver.”

X-Genics is introducing new services specifically tailored for consortia, which will enable these new entities to contract out non-core tasks to expert teams. In addition to services in Human Resources, Health & Safety and other administrative functions, this collaboration adds a much needed service of validating charges by providers.

Each consortium will now have access to a specialist team tasked purely with the job of making sure that the charges by providers are accurate.

Bharat Patel, the CEO of X-Genics, said: “This is a tremendous opportunity in a new and developing market. The biggest weakness up to now has been that it is difficult to recruit fully trained and dedicated staff when they are only required for five days of the month, and so practices make do with releasing time from existing staff instead.” He added: “We are confident that by being able to provide a specialist team trained for this particular task, we shall deliver a more consistent and higher level of validation of transactions and invoice values.”