Virgin Media is using RightNow to provide a superb employee experience to its workforce. With RightNow, Virgin Media has centralised and improved access to all staff-related services, combining information from departments like the People Team, Employee Benefits and Payroll into a single shared services resource called Employee Services. The aim is to expedite employee access to company information, and already Employee Services is solving 87 percent of employee enquiries in the first contact.

In addition, Virgin Media’s internal Net Promoter target has been reached. Virgin Media’s Employee Services helps keep its staff informed and in-touch whether they are field based engineers and more inclined to phone in with a query, or office based workers with regular access to the web. Approximately 1,000 phone calls and 3,000 emails each week are being logged, tracked and analysed in RightNow CX, the customer experience suite.

RightNow CX is integrated with Virgin Media’s employee records database so when Employee Services fields a call or email, details about members of staff are immediately on hand. With RightNow, Virgin Media has complete insight into any employee queries. RightNow also automatically sends surveys linked to each incident asking for feedback.

The RightNow CX self-service technology on the Virgin Media intranet, which currently receives 4,000 visits per week, gives employees instant access to relevant support content that changes which top answers are displayed automatically depending upon the types of questions being asked.

Zoe Howgill, Customer Service Delivery Manager, Virgin Media, said: “Before employee shared services was introduced, there was a static FAQ facility for employee and recruitment issues. Contacts and reports were being handled by Outlook and Excel spreadsheets respectively, and we wanted to improve efficiency. With one team handling HR and admin and another dealing with pay issues, the idea was to bring everything together so that processes flowed smoothly, resulting in a better experience for all our employees. With the new structure and with RightNow, which is intuitive and easy to administrate ourselves, our work is better organised and we have improved engagement with the team.”

Dale Bartram, Service Performance and Development Manager for Employee Services at Virgin Media explains the drivers behind the project. “We aimed to improve service by empowering our agents and providing great service to our customers: Virgin Media employees.”

The feedback loop within RightNow also allows for continuous improvement. “Before, we couldn’t tell how well we were doing. Now we know exactly what we need to do to improve the employee journey and what to alter on the intranet because employees are telling us,” says Howgill.

Employee Services also intends to implement web chat this year, with uptake expected to be strong. “For many of our employees, the questions or discussions that they want to have are personal; chat will allow us to support them in an effective and private way,” concludes Howgill.