Video Arts has launched 15 ‘legal risk’ e-learning courses for line managers, which explain the legal aspects of business and management responsibilities, such as dealing with discrimination, hiring and firing, managing disputes, handling the media and selling a company. Written in plain English for non-lawyers, the interactive courses have been developed by the Practical Law Company, a leading provider of legal know-how, market intelligence and training materials for lawyers and business people. Each course provides practical advice on the key legal issues, and the pitfalls to avoid, as well as summaries and definitions. The content is regularly reviewed and updated, by a team of over 100 specialist lawyers, to reflect changes in law and practice. “Organisations need to mitigate their legal risks if they are to avoid breaches and fines,” said Martin Addison, Managing Director of Video Arts. “These courses provide a cost effective way to train employees so they understand the legal implications of their actions. The online courses are easy and quick to complete and the content is up-to-date, so it can be relied upon to reflect current law and practice. Legal, training and HR departments can tailor the courses to reflect their own company-specific policies and guidelines.” The 15 courses are:

  • Acquisitions: a buyer’s perspective
  • Acquisitions: a seller’s perspective
  • Brand management
  • Co- operating with competitors
  • Contract negotiations
  • Data protection
  • Data protection and direct marketing
  • Dealing with the media
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Dismissing an employee
  • E-mail and online risk
  • Handling a dispute
  • Hiring an employee
  • Parental rights and Sales promotions, competitions and lotteries.

The Practical Law Company, which hosts the online courses, allows organisations to monitor and track the progress of all course participants, providing evidence that compliance training has been undertaken. Research by Video Arts shows that 84% of organisations have used some form of e-learning and that 30% are looking to increase their spend on e-learning, as a result of the recession. “As organisations face recessionary challenges, e-learning is leading the way in a drive for new flexibility in learning delivery,” said Martin Addison. Online previews of the ‘legal risk’ e-learning courses are available under the Legal, Compliance, Health and Safety category at For further information, please call Video Arts on 0845 601 2531 or e-mail