IBP and vielife will help organisations with 50-1000 employees increase productivity.


The UK’s first independent online staff health and wellbeing programme for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) has been launched by Inspiring Business Performance (IBP) and vielife, to help organisations with 50-1000 employees keep better control of staff costs related to reduced productivity at work and absenteeism.
Employees will be able to measure and monitor their sleep, nutrition, stress and physical activity levels through the online service, which allows them to identify areas of health that they can target for improvement, leading to increased productivity and lower absenteeism. The system can also inform organisations on their biggest health issues so that they can invest in the right initiatives to support the health and wellbeing of their employees.

The online programme can be purchased from IBP, the UK management consultants and licensed Investors in People Centre for the South, with prices starting at around £2,500 for 50 employees.

IBP has already signed up the first customers to the new programme, including a number of small businesses, schools and private care homes. It is being provided as part of IBP’s portfolio of online business tools for small and mid-sized enterprises, which includes a 360 degree staff feedback system and another for measuring the impact that leaders have on business performance.

vielife Online, is a market leading employee health and wellbeing platform already used by many large multinational organisations including Pepsico and Ashland. Research has proven that organisations using vielife Online can achieve significant ROI in terms of increasing staff productivity.


John Telfer, Managing Director of IBP, said “Health improvements for people in the workplace improve motivation, team work, productivity and loyalty – and, of course, reduce absenteeism. SMEs are no exception and, as a critical part of the UK economy, should be taking action to improve employee wellbeing as much as large enterprises. We’re excited to be working with vielife which has expertly provided global health and wellbeing solutions to some of the world’s largest organisations for over a decade.”

Jessica Colling, Product Director, vielife, said: “Workplace health is often wrongly seen as a perk rather than something essential to highly performing organisations. It’s great that through our partnership with IBP we can bring vielife’s online health and wellbeing tools to UK SMEs and help them as much as we help large multi-nationals.”