Anglia Ruskin launches new leadership development programme in Cambridge

Anglia Ruskin University is helping women in the East of England to break through the glass ceiling in their workplace with a series of events beginning on 3 July on the East Road campus in Cambridge.

The Turning Tables programme will offer personal development and networking opportunities for women involved in management, leadership and enterprise.

The 3 July event concentrates on the importance of a personal development plan and the keynote speech will be delivered by Louise Aries, Director of HR Service Delivery Europe at Aviva.

Clare Fazackerley of Anglia Ruskin’s Learning Development Services said: “The topic of the glass ceiling for women is back in the news again, with prominent female leaders including Ruth Lea, Harriet Harman and Heidi Mottram recently sharing their own experiences of rising to the top of their professions.

“Women are expected to balance family life with their professional one. This requires choices to be made and in some cases sacrifices, and therefore the time women spend on focusing on their own advancement and self-fulfilment can often be next to nothing.

“The Turning Tables programme has been developed to allow women to focus on their own coaching and development within a circle of like-minded professional women, with whom they can share experiences, challenges and solutions.”