A new form of training has been launched to help companies to train their staff during this tough economic time, without losing them from the office just when their presence is most needed.
Career Energy, the UK’s leading careers consultancy, has developed a series of Energiser workshops. This new concept in training involves short, sharp, learning based interventions delivered over a lunch period, or before or after work, lasting no more than an hour an a half. They cover a range of topics to meet both business and personal objectives.

Energiser business topics include old favourites such as ‘Leadership Development’ and ‘Team Working’ together with subjects that have become even more important as a result in the change in the economic climate, including ‘Employee Engagement’ and ‘Managing Restructuring’. On the personal level topics include ‘Career Management’, ‘Team Working’ and ‘Achieving Goals’.

Dr Harry Freedman, author of ‘How To Get A Job In A Recession’ and founder of Career Energy said, “One of the immediate effects of the credit crunch was the need for businesses to economize, and many companies slashed their training budgets. Businesses still need to train their staff to keep them engaged and skilled, but training can be expensive and takes people out of the workplace for extended periods of time, just when their presence is most needed. The Career Energy Energisers have been devised to provide the career training companies and individuals are looking for, in a more convenient form.”