Autodesk EMEA education and training distributor, KnowledgePoint has announced that this year’s Open Doors EMEA 2012 on 7 November was the biggest and most successful training event in Autodesk history, despite continual improvement of event results over the past three years. Setting an all-time high, Autodesk partners helped deliver over 6,000 exams across a total of 35 countries.

During Open Doors EMEA 2012, free exams were made available at all participating Autodesk Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) for CAD professionals seeking to accredit their knowledge. There were no limits on the number of exams that each individual could sit.

The day provided all attendees with the perfect opportunity to certify their skills as each candidate had the chance to take part in a range of training courses and exam preparation sessions, ensuring they had the best possible chance of passing.
“Since we launched the Autodesk Open Doors initiative last year it has generated excellent engagement with the end user community delivering an increase in uptake of exams year on year,” says Kirstin Donoghue, Autodesk Partner Manager EMEA. “Open Doors EMEA 2012 is now the biggest ever training event for Autodesk, which is a significant and important achievement for Autodesk Certification.”

Demand for the Autodesk Open Doors Certification was so popular that some ATCs are continuing to hold more exam sessions in order to fulfill requests.