1 in 5 business owners don’t consider how energy efficient equipment is when purchasing it

With computers buzzing, lights shining and air-con switched on, a typical UK office uses a large amount of energy each day. Whilst essential, energy emissions affect both the environment and bank balance, so what are business owners doing to curb their output?

New research conducted by saving experts for businesses, Make it Cheaper, has found that many business owners are missing opportunities to reduce their energy emissions and save on costs.

Nearly a third of UK business owners say that their office doesn’t take extra measures to make the space eco-friendly. With a further 1 in 5 (18 per cent) saying they don’t consider how energy efficient equipment is when purchasing it for their office.

Interestingly their employees disagree, with two-thirds (67 per cent) saying that their employers don’t take eco-friendly measures in the workplace, and 16 per cent say that their office don’t consider how energy efficient equipment is when purchasing it.

The research also found nearly half of business owners spend over £1,000 on energy each month, with seven per cent spending over £2,000. Conversely, a fifth of business owners don’t even know how much they spend on gas and electric each month.

To help business owners become more eco-friendly, Make it Cheaper has created an online hub with advice on saving energy in the workplace. Including top tips for both employers and employees on how to reduce energy consumption.

Some business owners have already implemented these measures, and are making sure windows are closed when the air conditioning/heating is switched on, they use energy saving light bulbs and have installed light sensors.

Changing energy supplier is another way to save on energy costs. Despite this,1 in 8 business owners have never changed their energy provider, and only seven per cent have switched supplier in the last year.

Of the reasons business owners don’t change energy suppliers, they cited ‘it isn’t worth my time’ (44 per cent), ‘will face exit fees with current supplier’ (37 per cent), and ‘it takes a lot of time and effort’ (36 per cent) as their main concerns.

Nick Heath, Head of Energy Insight at Make it Cheaper, said:

“There is a common misconception that changing energy suppliers for your business is an arduous task, yet it couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting a quote is quick and simple, you just need your current meter reading and a few personal details. Also, many suppliers don’t issue exit fees, and for those that do, the savings made by switching usually outweighs the charge.

“As well as exploring the option of different energy providers, there are many steps business owners can take to help create an energy efficient workplace too. Conducting energy audits, switching to LED bulbs, and rewarding eco-friendly staff are just some of the ways to help promote green culture in the office.”

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