Launching this week, The Jobs Link is the world’s only online job club. An online community for job seekers.

The Jobs Link allows job seekers to connect with each other and with recruiters in a social network environment.

But it’s not just about connecting. By showcasing their talents jobseekers can make themselves more visible and attract the attention of employers and recruiters. Jobs Link members can post blogs to demonstrate their know-how, take part in forums, publicise and attend events, receive job hunting tips and tools, and even earn extra income by advertising their goods and services.

Recruiters can also join The Jobs Link. To post jobs, browse members and connect with those who interest them. Recruiters can have CV alerts sent to them on a daily basis.
The Jobs Link also provides an opportunity for Career Professionals and Training companies to announce their services by posting useful tools and resources.

The Jobs Link founder, Harry Freedman, says
Job Seekers are colleagues. Just as companies who compete in the same market will form themselves into trade associations to raise the image of their industry and share matters of common concern, so job clubs provide an opportunity for job seekers to collaborate, share information, support, guide and advise each other. The Jobs Link is a natural evolution in the ever evolving job market.

The Jobs Link is open to all, irrespective of salary, role or location.