Taleo, provider of talent management solutions, has announced that Pernod Ricard, producers of wines and spirits, has chosen Taleo’s on-demand solutions to implement a new internal mobility strategy for its 19,000 employees.

With Taleo’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, employees of Pernod Ricard now have access to all internal mobility opportunities offered across all subsidiaries. This initiative, coupled with the implementation of Taleo for external recruitment, will allow Pernod Ricard to strengthen its employer brand and boost employee engagement.

Driven by a desire to create a shared culture, the Pernod Ricard Group, encourages inter-departmental working as well as co-working across distribution companies and brand owners. In early 2008, Pernod Ricard adopted a new internal mobility policy, based on an employment exchange used across all of its subsidiaries. Over the year, this matured to a more global HR project: international work groups were formed within the HR community aligned around a common set of principles.

“We wanted to develop a unique solution for the whole group but without imposing a rigid process on our subsidiaries,” commented Bruno Rain, Pernod Ricard’s Managing Director, in charge of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility. “Taleo’s SaaS solutions offer both the ability to manage recruitment for a group our size and the flexibility of configuration that allows each of our subsidiaries to adapt the tool to their individual needs and circumstances.”

“Forward thinking businesses are increasingly realising that they need to think completely differently about their workforce,” commented Adam Brenner, Group Vice President, EMEA, Taleo. “It is no longer enough to just have the right processes and tools. Organisations now need to focus on building a deeper understanding of their people, knowing them as well or better as you know all of your business assets. Pernod Ricard is a fantastic example of a company that has realised this and is putting in place the strategies to help them gain real talent intelligence.”

“Taleo’s flexible approach has allowed us to define the parameters of our internal mobility and external recruitment processes in record time”, commented Jean Chavinier, Group Vice President of Information Systems.

Now all of the Group’s 19,000 employees have full access to internal vacancies, giving them greater control of their own careers. Pernod Ricard’s HR teams also have a global view on applications, vacancies and candidates. Due to the success of the deployment so far, they are looking to deploy Taleo’s SaaS solutions for external recruitment across the rest of its subsidiaries by the end of 2010.