Supportive-workforceOne of the country’s leading health care cash plan providers has just launched a new product offering support for employee health and wellbeing for just 90p a week.

Sovereign Health Care has developed the ‘Merit’ cash plan to give more employers the ability to help their workforce afford their everyday health care costs, encourage treatment and fast diagnosis and ultimately boost the health of their business.

At just 90p per employee, per week, Merit means employers no longer have to agonise over budgets or business priorities when it comes to supporting the health of their workforce.

Merit offers employees 100 per cent payback up to the policy limit on a range of health care costs, including everyday essentials such as dental and optical charges as well as a raft of other treatments such as physiotherapy and acupuncture.

With one simple level of cover, Merit is quick and easy to implement and it covers everyone from day one regardless of age or medical history, there are no qualifying periods and pre-existing conditions are covered. Plus it can even help to cover Private Medical Insurance (PMI) excesses.

Sovereign Health Care chief executive Russ Piper says the new plan not only offers cost-effective, basic health cover for employees  but it also gives businesses an affordable alternative to salary increases and bonuses in difficult economic times.

“Anyone in business knows their employees are the driving force behind any successful company and Merit enables employers to demonstrate a positive commitment to the wellbeing of their workforce without significantly increasing costs.” he said.

“The plan can also be used to reward length of service or good performance, helping businesses to retain the best employees.”

Sovereign Health Care, which celebrates its 140th anniversary in 2013, has a range of corporate cash plan solutions designed to suit different business needs and budgets.

If a business requires more comprehensive employee health cover Sovereign also offers the Asset cash plan, which has higher levels of cover and includes a leading Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and personal accident (PA) cover up to £20,000, for just a small amount more per employee, per week.

Sovereign also provides an employee paid cash plan which is ideal when a business is not in a position to fund cover but still wants to support employee health and wellbeing.