Simplyhealth has joined forces with wellbeing experts, Robertson Cooper, to support people’s health, wellbeing and resilience in the workplace through its ‘Good Day at Work’ network.

‘Good Day at Work’ is a free online community where individuals and employers can access a wealth of resources to help improve their levels of wellbeing, as well as sharing ideas and experiences with others. Alongside guides, videos, reports and case studies, the site includes i-resilience, a personality questionnaire designed to identify where individuals draw their resilience from.

Howard Hughes, Head of Employer Marketing at Simplyhealth comments: “Recent workplace studies show that people are working increasingly longer hours to cope with growing work loads, as well as coming to work when they aren’t well enough to do so. It’s no surprise therefore that workplace stress and mental ill health is rising and is currently among the top causes of reported sickness absence.

“Wellbeing strategies are recognised as playing a key role in creating positive working environments and helping employees to cope with factors such as these which are fast becoming the norm for many.

“The Good Day at Work network is full of useful content designed to help organisations to improve overall wellbeing and to help employees to understand the part they play in achieving this goal.”

Cary Cooper, Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University and co founder of Robertson Cooper, states: “One in four suffer some form of mental health issue at some point in their lifetime and we need a more proactive approach to the common problems like stress, anxiety, depression and burnout. It’s vital we get the support right, not just on an individual level but so that businesses can be successful and resilient in the long term too.

“Together with Simplyhealth we can support organisations and employees to ensure that wellbeing is at the top of their agenda and enable individuals to build their resilience, feel happy and healthy, and have a good day at work.”