With the focus now on controlling and minimising workforce costs organisations are looking at creative, zero cost ways to motivate and retain staff.

With the ongoing debate between quality of work-life balance and meeting the needs of the business, many progressive organisations are rethinking the traditional working day. They are now looking at “what” gets done and achieved, rather than “when” it gets done and moving towards a more flexible working environment.

Essentially, you can provide greater flexibility to the business without increased costs!

The Softworks Flexitime solution in the right hands can drive productivity and profitability through greater visibility and control of your largest cost base and most valuable asset – your people.

Download a copy of the Softworks Flexitime Whitepaper

This definitive white paper is based on the flexitime trends within organisations today. The main focus of the Softworks white paper is to look at flexitime in organisations – whether it is in place, how it is working, what benefits companies have gleaned from its introduction as well as looking at some of the negative effects respondents believe it might have on an organisation.

In this white paper:

  • 57% of companies that have not implemented flexitime, think it would be a worthwhile initiative
  • 76% of those who don’t have flexitime in place think employees would be quick to avail of it, if it was offered to them
  • The introduction of flexitime is not limited to any one particular industry sector, though the public sector is more likely to have implemented flexitime than any other
  • Flexitime is not gender specific and appears to appeal equally to men and women
  • People who have dependants are more likely to avail of flexitime than those that don’t, according to 64% of respondents

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