According to The Office for National Statistics (ONS), there are 1.013 million unemployed 16 to 24 year-olds in the UK. With the 2012 graduates about to add to this number, competing for graduate placements at a ratio of 48 applications per vacancy, it’s clear the market has never been tougher.

A viable career option for unemployed youth of today is sales. In the UK alone, 2.2 million people work in sales – 10% of the overall workforce. But employers have a clear criterion – ambitious, driven and personable individuals that can sell themselves and the company they represent.

With that in mind, Sandler Training, a leading sales, management and leadership training organisation, is launching a UK wide competition for 18-24 year olds that want to kick-start a career in sales. Up to 50 training places will be available across over 20 of its training centres across the UK, where they will learn the skills that will enable them to enter the sales sector and ultimately become successful in their quest for employment.

The “sales explorers” training will include an initial three months of Sandler’s weekly President’s Club – which includes the Sandler Sales Skills Foundations Programme. This takes the trainees through real life scenarios and best practices, such as how to develop a prospecting plan, setting goals and the importance of attitude in building a successful career.
The successful candidates will receive certifications, references and will also be heavily promoted in Sandler’s newsletters. A further year’s weekly sales training and support will be offered to the candidates, after securing a job in sales, which will help them flourish in their first crucial year’s employment.

Shaun Thomson, CEO of Sandler Training in the UK: “The job market can feel like a brutal place – consecutive knock-backs can really impact a young person’s confidence and motivation. However, double dip recession or not, businesses always need good sales people. A career in sales should be viewed with aspiration. These people form the crux of their business and ultimately determine whether it sinks or swims. For today’s lost generation it provides them with an opportunity to be a master of their own destiny – they just need a helping hand to make it happen.

“As part of this initiative, we plan to give away up to £400,000 of sales training across our network of centres. We all remember what it was like to hit the job market and we want to be able to give something back to people that just simply need the confidence to get the job they deserve –this support, could be the first step of their journey to become business leaders of the future.”

Application process
Interested 18-24 year olds should go to the Sandler Training website,, to find their local participating training centre and online application zone.
Over 50 training places will be available across over 20 of its training centres across the UK.
As part of the application process, candidates will be encouraged to think about “why a career in sales” would suit them.