A new online employee recognition programme, designed exclusively for Asda by performance improvement specialist, River, has been launched to over 165,000 Asda retail and distribution staff.

Asda Stars is based on a simple-to-use and visually appealing online system, designed to enable Asda personnel to nominate colleagues (manager-to-subordinate and peer-to-peer) to be recognised for doing something particularly positive or exceptional at work.  Colleagues can view all nominations, add comments and show their appreciation by ‘liking’ a nomination.  In addition, those receiving a nomination can create an online link to others who have contributed to their positive story.

The system, which has been developed dynamically to work on smartphones and tablets, also offers over 40 e-cards for every occasion which nurtures a culture of appreciation and celebration.  During the first four weeks of the programme, over 15,000 nominations were made by store and distribution managers through the online colleague nomination tool, while nearly 500 e-cards were sent.  It is now being rolled out to Asda head office staff.

Phil Dunk, Managing Director of River explained: “The new Asda Stars programme puts less emphasis on reward and more on the powerful feeling that comes with being recognised publically.  This feeling is multiplied by putting great stories at the centre of recognition and making it an involving and interactive experience for all.

“The advantage of designing a programme specifically for Asda, compared to standard product-based employee recognition solutions, is that the programme is more effectively aligned to the company’s unique values, national structure and style of internal communication, Phil continued, “and we’re absolutely thrilled to be working with such an iconic brand and one that shares our philosophy and modern approach to employee engagement”.

Alan Robertson, Recognition Team Leader for Asda, said: “After all the months of planning and hard work that has gone into the new programme, I am blown away by the final result! The feedback from all our stores has been incredible, particularly relating to the huge leap in usability of the system, which was our main goal for a simplified user experience”.