Recruiters are set to benefit from billions of pounds worth of investment as Microsoft releases Dynamics CRM 2015 and continues to invest in Office 365, with Mercury xRM passing the improved software upgrade to its users automatically and for free early next year.

Mercury xRM, a cloud-based rapid recruitment solution, has been available to the recruitment market for the last year and streamlines the entire recruitment process, saving users money, time and administration. As an application powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users of the software automatically benefit from the latest Microsoft updates and the latest release will provide recruiters with a whole host of new cutting edge functionality.

Microsoft has invested over $9 billion in research and development each year over the past few years, and Microsoft’s CRM platform continues to benefit from this investment. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is part of one of the biggest Microsoft updates to date and will bring a number of enhanced functionality to recruiters.

The upgrade means that Mercury xRM, developed by Crimson Ltd, has an even broader, universal search facility, new hierarchy relationship visualisation and enhanced dashboards for mobile devices where recruiters can share information and update candidate and client records anywhere at anytime, improving relationships with a faster, more efficient and engaging experience.

Recruiters using the software will experience minimum downtime, because Mercury xRM will update via the Cloud automatically, in a seamless, quick and easy process.

Chris Kendrick, the product visionary for Mercury xRM, which has four annual updates of its own, said: “The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM demonstrates Microsoft’s market ambition and further enhances their already market leading CRM solution. It has been widely publicised that Microsoft has a bigger research and development spend than many of its global competitors and we are delighted that they are placing such an emphasis on their CRM product, which in turn, will further enhance our own Mercury xRM software.”

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and one of only two UK companies on the global Microsoft Partner Advisory Council, Crimson Ltd has developed Mercury xRM to be powered by Microsoft CRM to give the software a user-friendly interface and make it intuitive for recruiters to get to grips with. The software packs a powerful workflow designer that allows for built-in automation, and user actions can trigger tasks within the solution. This means that omissions and general administration tasks are significantly reduced.

Chris Kendrick concluded: “We have over 20 years of expertise gained in the recruitment sector and we understand the frustrations and requirements of recruiters today. Mercury xRM is proving a valuable and intuitive tool that accelerates recruiters through the recruitment cycle and now, following Microsoft’s recent CRM 2015 update, it will make a recruiter’s job even easier. Mercury xRM is the only enterprise level rapid recruitment software with the backing and support of Microsoft and we are delighted to be able to provide recruiters with the very latest Microsoft updates seamlessly, and at no extra cost. “