The REC’s Youth Employment Taskforce has raised the recruitment industry’s voice on one of the major political challenges of our time. The taskforce report published the beginning of last year has provided a platform for building links with key organisations. As part of this work, the REC has to announced a strategic partnership with charity, the Education and Employers Taskforce, which will provide opportunities for REC members to get involved in local level activities.

The Education and Employers Taskforce’s vision is to ensure that every school and college has an effective partnership with employers, so that young people are informed about the world of work and can make informed career choices. The aim of the strategic partnership with the REC is to facilitate the contribution of members who want to make a difference in this area.

The importance of practical initiatives that help build bridges into the world of work was one of the core themes of the REC’s Youth Employment Taskforce.

Commenting on the significance of the strategic partnership, REC Chief Executive Kevin Green says:

“We have always been clear that the final report of our Employment Taskforce was not an end in itself – it was a catalyst for further debate and activities. Building links with organisations such as the Education and Employers Taskforce will ensure that our work on youth employment issues has some real legacy and will provide opportunities for recruiters to get involved at a local level.”

Underlining the benefits and outcomes that the strategic partnership will deliver, Dr Anthony Mann, Director of Policy and Research at the Education & Employers’ Taskforce, says:

“Recruiters can make a real difference by helping to facilitate work experience schemes and by getting involved with schools. There are real synergies between our organisations. We are delighted to take forward a strategic partnership with the REC and to harness to expertise and energy of the UK recruitment industry.”