~ Expansion Strategy in Place Following Acquisition ~


Learning and development specialist, Parity Training, has announced plans to expand its portfolio and locations following the acquisition of some of the training assets of New Horizons UK. Parity Training has offered employment to a number of the legacy staff and will take over the management of training centres in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London – expanding Parity Training’s learning and development centres to seven across England and Scotland.

Thunder Bay (trading as New Horizons UK) was placed in the hands of Insolvency Practitioners on 28 April 2009. On 15 May 2009, Parity Training purchased some of the training assets with the intention of achieving the following activities aligned to its overall customer strategy:

  • Expanding the breadth of the Parity Training offering for our clients through augmenting our portfolio and delivery capabilities
  • The new combined portfolio provides a genuine alternative in the training market and will afford new and existing clients the opportunity to transform the performance of their management / technical teams through new services that are affordable, flexible and effective.
  • The seven locations will expand the instructor-led training and skills consultancy available to IT professionals needing to maintain their expertise and improve their work performance

“We have a bold strategy to innovate and deliver a more flexible proposition. Time is precious, and clients require more viable options so learning fits with the time they can invest and can be tailored quickly so all learning is focussed,” said Allan Pettman, Managing Director of Parity Training. “With the acquisition of some of the New Horizon’s assets, combined with a significant amount of new learning content, we are now able to provide a new and exciting approach which caters for both the learners’ and training buyers’ needs. Our existing pedigree, a stronger portfolio, wider geographic footprint, proven innovative training delivery methods and our customer-focussed engagement enables Parity Training to provide customers with a compelling and genuine alternative. It is the responsibility of market leaders in dynamic environments to shape the right products and services. After analysing the market and listening to feedback we are confident we are doing just that.”