~ meeting of minds plans to lobby for change ~

Parity has launched a social media group to bring together recruitment and resourcing leaders who want to champion change and openly discuss improvements to traditional hiring models.

The LinkedIn group, entitled Redefining Recruitment Partnerships (RRP), has been attracting the involvement of senior recruitment decision makers across the private and public sector.

The Group, founded by Simon Page, Director of Permanent Recruitment, at Parity Resources, will call for recruiters to offer enhanced value propositions tailored more appropriately to the needs of customers, and to redefine and showcase best practice recruitment consultancy.

RRP allows members to network with fellow corporate resourcing professionals to discuss and resolve common issues and aims to improve the value and relevance of the services provided by recruitment agencies.

“Having experienced life on both sides of the organisational resourcing fence, there is a clear disconnect between the range and quality of services provided by external recruitment partners and those most needed by hiring organisations,” said Page.

“Changes to the recruitment landscape caused by organisations striving for self-sufficiency and fuelled by the increased use of social media continue to challenge traditional models of recruitment; the relevance and quality of service delivery will only improve if sustained demand for it to do so comes from the hiring organisations themselves.”

The Redefining Recruitment Partnership Group hopes to strengthen relationships between agencies and recruiters, by building on the levels of understanding between the two parties.

One member, a senior recruiter for a large household brand said, “There is a definite need for greater collaboration and for recruiters to evolve their services. Wider candidate accessibility and a desire by organisations to become more self-sufficient are key drivers. Best practice is always best practice – through bad times and good – and suppliers that understand where our needs lie will see continued success.”