The ever-present challenge of retaining knowledge within an organisation from experienced employees coming close to retirement has become easier following the launch of a new social platform that helps create collaborative workforces, engaged employees and improves internal training and communications.

In many organisations such knowledge is rarely documented and then in the months following that person’s retirement the extent of understanding lost to the organisation becomes apparent. Fuse, whose online learning and knowledge sharing solutions are already being used by organisations like Phones4U, Panasonic and Dixons Retail, helps staff share best practice, solve problems and communicate effectively with one another, up and down the organisation and across all levels.

“This is all about organisations genuinely transforming themselves into social businesses,” explains Fuse CEO Steve Dineen. “Knowledge gained through experience just can’t be passed on to an employee via a company handbook, but with video, you can hear the information direct from the individual.”

Now HR departments can prepare for the departure of valued employees and retain important experience and knowledge within their organisations. Relevant expertise can be captured, discovered and shared internally among employees. By using technology to capture the knowledge and expertise of departing employees, companies can avoid having to reinvent the wheel again and again.

“Organisations can now create their own online central knowledge bank that improves training, enhances the efficiency of internal communications and makes all employees feel engaged with their organisation and, therefore, more productive. And for new starters it can provide an accessible induction platform that can be used alongside their new roles, creating a more positive forward-thinking introduction to the company.”

Fuse’s own platform enables individuals to quickly and easily capture and share knowledge, questions and ideas in video, audio or text format. Communities of practice are set up where staff can share knowledge and collaborate with one another; and get quick access to the information they need from anywhere, 24 hours a day 7 days a week from any mobile device or desktop, and importantly they get recognition for the contributions that they make.