New Features and Enhanced Interface Empower Users to Make Data-Driven Business Decisions and Better Understand Their Talent

  • To help solve the problems HR and business leaders face when mobilising talent to attain higher business performance, Oracle today announced availability of Oracle Taleo Cloud Service Feature Pack 12B.
  • By blending recruiting, performance and operational data from multiple sources, Taleo Cloud Service Feature Pack 12B enables organisations to more accurately measure the impact their workforce has on business and provides deeper intelligence about their talent.
  • Taleo Cloud Service Feature Pack 12B helps solve the problems HR and business line managers face every day when trying to search and find individuals within a company. Organisations invest resources to collect data about their people, but have found it difficult to manage and control at scale. Faceted search technology in Taleo Cloud Service Feature Pack 12B makes talent data accessible and actionable.
  • Previously known as Taleo Enterprise Edition, Oracle Taleo Cloud Service helps companies hire, manage, reward, and develop their employees by delivering a full talent management solution for recruiting, performance management, compensation management, employee development and succession planning.

Oracle and Taleo Continue to Demonstrate Leadership and Momentum in Talent Management

  • Oracle Taleo Cloud Service Feature Pack 12B is part of Oracle Human Capital Management, a complete and integrated suite of applications designed for organisations of every size, industry, and region. From recruiting and managing talent, to accurately forecasting future workforce needs, Oracle Human Capital Management enables organisations to proactively manage HR operations while focusing on strategic business initiatives.
  • Oracle Taleo Cloud Service Feature Pack 12B enables organisations to:
  •   Gain Deeper Talent Insights: Companies can blend recruiting, performance, and operational data from disparate external sources into the pre-configured data warehouse built specifically for analysing talent. This provides a holistic view of talent trends, impact on business and the data to optimise talent strategies.
  • Uncover the Right Talent: New talent search in a consumer-like interface enables managers, HR and recruiters to find people quickly and intuitively. Previously, complex searches for talent often required report writers and took days. Now, faceted search technology provides the most advanced capabilities in the market for searching, filtering and taking action on talent in seconds.
  •   Focus on Performance Conversations: With a redesigned performance review, managers can focus on review content rather than the mechanics of navigating or assembling documentation. The self assessment, feedback journal and emails imported throughout the year are accessible from a single page, enabling managers to put more emphasis on having meaningful, actionable conversations with employees.
  • Engage in Real-Time Collaboration: Calibrating reviews helps ensure data consistency for performance analytics and talent planning, but is traditionally managed with cumbersome spreadsheets. Enhanced calibration features enable HR and business leaders to manage calibration decisions in-real time using new meeting facilitation tools. By providing a central review hub, management teams can identify problem populations, perform mass updates, and visualise rating distributions against benchmarks on the fly.
  • Oracle Taleo Cloud Service Feature Pack 12B is generally available in the Oracle Cloud.