Online HR manuals could save people moneyReplacing traditional printed HR manuals with online versions could save UK businesses some £297 million, a new report has suggested.

According to provider Transversal, corporate social responsibility may also be improved, as moving such documents online would keep 100,000 trees from being cut down.

Furthermore, productivity in the workplace may also improve as a result, the study suggests, as employees would have easy access to up to date information which is searchable.

Currently, HR teams are likely to spend some £14 producing a 40-page manual for each employee, with one tree covering the paper for 208 manuals.

Davin Yap, chief executive officer of Transversal, said: “A manual is out of date from the minute it is printed – as such the HR department need to embrace more innovative, web-based ways to communicate with employees.”

Public Technology recently reported the centre for economics and business research revealed banking and financial industries could save millions every year simply by becoming smarter printers.