Video recruitment specialist Meet The Real Me has revolutionised the way employers connect with job seekers with the unveiling of its new, cutting-edge website – including enhancements to its flagship ‘e-me,’ a unique online video profile that showcases a candidate’s personality alongside their qualifications and experience.  

With the introduction of a brand new Job Campaign Manager tool, the new site allows jobseekers to approach employers in a fresh and innovative way – using social media tools to positively present their personal and professional skills. The new-look e-me provides candidates with their own unique URL link that they can then share with prospective employers at the click of a mouse, whether it is through email signatures, Facebook profiles or Twitter.

By opening the remit of ways candidates present themselves professionally online, recruiters can now see, hear and hire the best people from the comfort of their own desks.  Saving them valuable time, money and effort in their recruitment process – an appealing prospect in today’s job market.

“The way we communicate online – both personally and professionally – is changing all the time, so it’s important that Meet The Real Me continues to evolve the way our site connects candidates and employers in today’s digital world,” says Marc Fels, director. “The new e-me is not only more user-friendly, but combined with the Job Campaign Manager tool it really does allow candidate profiles to come ‘off the page’ in front of hirers across a variety of online platforms.”

Other new additions to the site are in place to help candidates through the e-me creation process itself, including the option to add prompt notes to help guide their answers to video interview questions, an importer tool to help fill out profiles, as well as sample CV to download for inspiration. As well as extending their job hunt into their social networks using the Job Campaign Manager tool, candidates can also use the new site to take full total control over who sees their profile and when – and can even turn off visibility with one click.

Fels continues: “The unveiling of the new e-me marks an exciting phase for those looking to get noticed in today’s competitive job market as well as employers, providing them with a much-needed tool to source the best candidates for their roles quickly and cost-effectively. We look forward to seeing the success this brings to the world of recruitment this year.”