HireMatch.me, an innovative and new online job matching and assessment solution for employers, currently in beta testing, has announced that employers will be ‘rewarded’ for improving the candidate experience as job hunters use the HireMatch.me system.

The unique approach, embedded in HireMatch.me technology, launches in September 2011 after 13 months development. The new recruitment concept was developed with the joint aim of reducing the candidate management process for employers and significantly improving the job-hunting experience of candidates.

The system, which is currently in private closed beta with a number of organisations, uses sophisticated work style preferences and skills matching at the beginning of the application process, improving the overall match of candidate to the role.

Co-founder, OraRuth Rother commented “Finding the right people for the job has never been more important, yet its getting harder as the number of job seekers increases due to the economic climate. HR teams are handling increasing numbers of applications, increasing the time it takes to fill every role and making it increasingly difficult to find the right person.”

Marc Mapes, Co-founder, “Our matching system significantly reduces the process and matching task for clients. It also creates a very positive experience of the hiring company for the candidate, whether they progress through to being hired or not.

HireMatch.me means the recruiter or hiring manager can find the right candidate, faster, with more confidence while improving the overall experience for the candidate. With that in mind, it felt totally natural to build in mechanisms for rewarding the client where it matters – price – with incentives to use all the features of the system to engage positively with the candidate.”