linkedinLinkedIn Recruiter is used by 86 of the Fortune 100 and thousands of other companies worldwide to help them discover and hire talent through the LinkedIn network. The new design introduces a new look and feel and more features to what is increasingly the homepage for thousands of recruiters worldwide.

As you can see here, the redesigned page more closely resembles, combining ease of use with the power and rich features of an enterprise tool at the back, better meeting the needs to the industry.

The page introduces new tools for even more efficient hiring, including the below:

• Stationary Global Navigation Bar – this new search bar features an assist layer that helps recruiters more easily access their search history and saved searches

• Customisable Activity Feed – this new activity feed provides recruiters with real-time, actionable insights into what relevant candidates are changing on their profiles. These insights help recruiters better engage and nurture relationships with relevant candidates in more meaningful ways. It also provides recruiters with real-time, actionable insights into what their team members and hiring managers are doing on LinkedIn – improving team communication and collaboration

• “People You May Want to Hire” – this new feature studies Recruiter user behaviour and suggests relevant candidates for job opportunities, helping recruiters discover top talent without having to perform searches. If a recruiter thinks a candidate is a good fit for a job opportunity, they can “follow” the candidate. The candidate’s latest activities on LinkedIn will then appear in their “Update Me” module, providing actionable insights that allow them to focus on engaging and nurturing relationships with relevant candidates

• “Smart To Do Lists” and “Notifications” – the redesigned Recruiter Homepage features “Smart To Do Lists” and “Notifications” that increase recruiter efficiency and productivity