Older women are losing their jobs because of the way employers react to the impact of the menopause, according to menopause ambassador Kathryn Colas.

Speaking to partners at Yorkshire law firm Gordons, Kathryn explained how her own difficult experience of menopause inspired her to create her consultancy, Simply Hormones, to help employers hold on to valuable staff.

Kathryn was invited to address the firm after appearing on national television highlighting the issue of menopause.

Speaking about her visit to Gordons, Kathryn said:

“It shows an enlightened approach to the issue by Gordons, and it is also important as the firm represents so many major employers.”

Kathryn spoke about the need for employers to understand menopause and debunk the myths around it. She also said that by holding on to women within the workplace it increased their chances of promotion to senior positions.

In addition, Kathryn said that businesses who handle the menopause situation positively enjoy reputational benefits as they are perceived as caring and progressive employers.

Gordons managing partner, Paul Ayre, commented:

“As a firm, we are keen to keep informed and take action around societal issues. We did this previously with our legal apprenticeship scheme, so we are pleased to start doing the same in relation to the menopause. A majority of our staff, and many of our clients, are female and this is a real life issue which has largely been ignored.

“Kathryn provided us with fascinating insights from her own very challenging personal experiences, whilst also giving practical advice on dealing with the menopause to create the best outcomes for all.”