The continuing threat of terrorism, the recent civil unrest in Arab countries, floods and other natural disasters coupled with tighter legislation, make it essential for any organisation to provide proper health and safety information for its employees – particularly those travelling to high risk areas.

Boiling Frog – a NEW travel and health app that has been created by ex-special forces and medical experts and could be a first safety step for companies. It is packed with practical features and encourages people to be prepared – reducing the risk of things going wrong but also helping to minimise the severity, inconvenience and cost if they still do.

The Duty of Care for employees rests with senior management and, at just £1.79, Boiling Frog is one of the most cost effective ways of potentially reducing the risk of an incident that could lead to an individual or organisation being found guilty of negligence, breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act or the newly enacted Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act. While equipping employees with Boiling Frog may not be deemed to provide a sufficient level of care on its own, it is certainly a good start and clearly demonstrates the intention to provide employees with useful information covering a wide range of scenarios – all for the price of a greetings card.

Boiling Frog provides advice on everything from travel preparation, how to deal with unwelcome surveillance to being shot at and minimising the risk of being abducted, it also deals with all the most common ailments that people suffer from when travelling – from sunburn and food poisoning to malaria.