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“D’you ever feel that this HR-speak is all just a bit one-way?”

If you’re an HRreview regular or even a new reader, you should be aware that we cover a wide breadth of HR topics and issues on our pages. Employee engagement, HR strategy, workforce wellbeing, diversity; they’re all well-documented on these very pages, and if you’re an HR professional yourself they are all key to maximising your staff’s full potential.

Reading about all of this is great, but HR is about people, and people interact, so we thought we’d bring the action closer to you.

A debate, not just a presentation

Introducing the InsideHR webinar series: a knowledge-sharing platform where you can learn all about the latest HR challenges and developments, from a panel of industry experts and academics.

Many webinars simply feature one expert presenting their case to the online audience, but by using BrightTALK’s webinar hosting service, InsideHR is a debate, not just a presentation. You don’t even have to leave the office to get involved.

The series kicks off March 26 on the topic of childcare vouchers.

For more information on our upcoming webinars and to register, please click here.