ILX Group plc, the global software company delivering innovative Best Practice training solutions, today launched its updated ITIL® 2011 courses to reflect the latest changes to the methodology. The ITIL® 2011 update is designed to address issues noted by ITIL® practitioners in the Change Control Log and those flagged by the training community. All changes have been analysed and recommended by the Change Advisory board (CAB) and approved by the Cabinet Office, part of HM Government.

Eddie Kilkelly, Chief Operating Officer at ILX Group, commented, “ITIL provides a systematic and professional approach to the management of IT service provision and the 2011 update reflects an evolution of those best practices, created from the experience of real life practitioners. Whilst the basic principles and concepts of ITIL remain the same, the supporting processes and practices have evolved to ensure they continue to be relevant and useful in today’s service management environment. Our refreshed ITIL courses incorporate these proposed changes and we are proud to be one of the first companies to make ITIL 2011 Edition training available to current and prospective practitioners.”

ITIL® 2011 Edition includes clarification of a number of concepts and principles with the most significant changes being made to ITIL® Service Strategy. In addition, ITIL® Service Delivery has been revised to align with the changes to ITIL® Service Strategy and all of the other volumes have been improved and clarified to a greater or lesser degree. In addition, the number of discretely referenced versions of ITIL® will disappear. ITIL® version 1 effectively no longer exists now as a discrete version. ITIL® Version 2 has gradually been removed from the market over a period of time. The remaining core publications will now be referred to as ITIL® with the new edition carrying a ‘2011 Edition’ logo. ITIL® practitioners and other executives who hold existing ITIL® certification will not need to become re-certified as a result of the changes.

ILX provides ITIL® training at three levels: ITIL® Foundation, ITIL® Intermediate, and ITIL® Expert and Master to meet individual and organisational requirements world-wide.