2,500 employees across the UK can now access and range of benefits and discounts at the touch of a button or swipe of their finger due to a new benefits platform.

HomeServe introduces ‘PeopleServe’, an employee  discounts, reward and recognition scheme for its employees based in Walsall, Preston and Banbury, plus a vast network of engineers on the road who have access through tablets and mobile phones.

The UK-based home assistance company launched the new PeopleServe scheme, provided by Reward Gateway, three weeks following a competitive tender process.

Andy Wicken, HomeServe’s new People Director says:

“PeopleServe is a significant step forward for our company and enables us to deliver rewards, discounts and recognition directly to our network of employees around the country at the touch of a button or swipe of a finger”

Almost 1,000 discounts and 1,500 live offers are available through the tool for employees and a recognition tool that allows employees to thank each other for efforts to drive efficiencies and deliver excellent customer service. In a matter of days, employees have issued over 1,500 ‘Thank you’ recognition cards through the platform.

“It just goes to show that if you get a rewards and recognition platform right, your people will engage with it”, added Wicken. “This is just the start of the evolution of our employee offer and we want to take this responsive online platform and deliver much more for our People through the system. Our People make our business what it is and we’re committed to giving them the best possible tools and opportunities a business with scale can offer.”