FPS Group, the Umbrella Company administrator for Contractors, has launched FPS Rewards, an employee benefits service that gives contractors the chance to get the sort of exclusive savings, promotions and local discounts that direct employees would through a company benefits scheme.


Every contractor using FPS’ umbrella services automatically gets access to savings and deals at over 1,200 retailers nationwide including: Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer’s, House of Fraser, Boots and Thomas Cook.


Matt Huddleston, Chief Financial Officer, FPS Group, said: “We have had a fantastic response to the scheme – in the first two days, over 150 contractors signed up to FPS Rewards.


“Our contractors really value the lifestyle and career benefits that contracting can bring them but they can miss out on some of the employee benefits that end clients offer to their own staff, such as discounts and offers. That’s why we launched FPS Rewards, to work alongside our trusted and transparent umbrella service where we are the only provider that is fully regulated.”