In the world of presentations PowerPoint reigns supreme, but sadly death by Powerpoint is too common a fate for many.

How many presentations have you sat through where you’ve found yourself fighting to stay awake, suppressing yawns, desperately curbing the urge to shut your eyes and lose consciousness.

And whilst you know you are an interesting, engaging and fascinating person you are still tasked with spreading ‘Death by PowerPoint’ around your organisation.

“But” you hear people say “in this economic climate it’s vital that we get business critical information out to our colleagues, clients and customers. We need to tell them things, what to do, how to do it – and we’ve always used Powerpoint; everyone else uses Powerpoint.”

Stella Collins and Ann Grindrod of Brain in Business are fighting a valiant battle against ‘Death by PowerPoint’. “After all” said Collins “there was no PowerPoint at Agincourt; there was no PowerPoint at the Normandy Landings and they managed to get all their vital information out. So it’s possible to deliver information without this terrible wastage and loss of consciousness caused by ‘Death by PowerPoint’.”

Collins and Grindrod don’t dislike PowerPoint, in fact they think it’s a fantastic tool and use it themselves when appropriate. “What we’re fighting to get recognised is the importance of the message and the recipient, rather than the messenger” said Grindrod “and it’s what happens to that message that gets results. If people have been only semi conscious then their understanding and memory of the message is going to be weak and we want your message to be strong.”

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