The Paris office of global law firm Eversheds has announced a partnership with Club XXIe Siècle and the European Professional Women Network (EPWN) to sponsor a mentoring programme aimed at helping young women of diverse origins fulfil their potential.

The unique and innovative initiative is dedicated to women between the ages of 25-39 years old within the immigrant population, who statistically face more difficulties in progressing in their desired career paths. Some of these women are believed to be facing a “double glass ceiling” in the workplace environment.

To try and combat this problem, Club XXIe Siècle and EPWN have devised a mentoring program to coach young women of diverse origins who have diplomas and between five to eight years of professional experience. The women will be mentored and supported to manage the challenge of the double glass ceiling and to prepare for their career progression in the workplace.

Boris Martor, Partner in Eversheds LLP Paris and a member of Eversheds international diversity and inclusion committee, commented: “Diversity is at the heart of Eversheds’ ethos. Last year the firm was named as one of the top 10 private sector organisations for racial diversity and inclusion by Race for Opportunity, the race diversity campaign from Business in the Community.

“We were the first law firm in France to sign the Diversity Charter, a written commitment to ban discrimination in the workplace and make a conscious decision to work towards creating diversity. We look forward to supporting this new initiative and taking even greater strides to promote and encourage diversity in the workplace.”