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Employers in the Luton area are being offered the opportunity of Apprenticeship support through the Local Authority, working with training specialist Jigsaw Training.

One group of apprentices has almost completed a year-long course which has taken them into a county-wide network of primary schools.

Now employers who may benefit from an apprentice will be able to tap into the scheme – being run by Luton Borough Council in partnership with Jigsaw Training – as part of a further Apprenticeship course being planned to run later in the year, with up to £1500 funding for each apprentice.

The Apprenticeship framework, an intermediate level 2 Facilities Services Apprenticeship, is designed to attract new young people into facilities management and give them the skills to progress into the industry once they are qualified.

The first scheme provided eight apprentices aged 16-20 years old with a mentor whilst they worked in the county’s primary schools as apprentice Site Agents.

The Apprenticeship scheme, the first of its kind in Luton, is run by Luton Adult Learning on behalf of the Council, with the apprentices acting as Site Agents responsible for security, heating and lighting, cleanliness and maintenance.

Julie Jeffery, Employer Engagement Officer at Luton Borough Council, said: “Any employer looking to recruit an apprentice through this scheme will receive the funded support and get the help of a young person once they are qualified.

“The young people will receive a structured training programme over the course of a year with assessments throughout and they will see how this applies at the schools they will be working at.

“This is ideal for schools, hospitals and any organisation with buildings and property to maintain as part of their operational management.”

James Blackhurst, managing director of Jigsaw Training, said: “It’s great to see young people being given the opportunity of developing skills and qualifications in the facilities management industry through employers keen to commit to them.”

Any employer in the Luton area who is interested in applying for the scheme is asked to contact Julie Jeffery via e-mail onjulie.jeffery@lutonacl.ac.uk