The Firm Awards

Energy company E.ON has been awarded the ‘Best Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Strategy Award’ at the prestigious FIRM Awards in London.

This honour recognises companies who have shown exceptional creativity and innovation in the development and delivery of their diversity and inclusion recruitment strategy.

E.ON was commended for its’ holistic approach to addressing diversity and inclusion across all areas of its business.  By creating a strong link to the company’s overall business strategy, E.ON has been able to deliver a consistent message, giving all applicants the confidence that their individual contribution as part for the whole workforce matters.

Dave Newborough, HR Director at E.ON, said “Our diversity and equality strategy underpins our business aim to become our customers’ trusted energy partner.  If we are to achieve this we need to ensure that our existing and future employees feel they are supported and treated fairly, and thus performing at their best.

“But we also know that everyone needs to do this while remaining true to themselves and the unique differences that mark us out as individuals can also bring us together as a stronger business.  Our UK Board is fully committed to supporting and developing a culture that understands and values the many differences between our employees.”

This award comes after E.ON successfully won the ‘Inclusive Recruitment’ award from the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI), after demonstrating consistent support for a diverse workforce and promoting best practice in equality and inclusion in the workplace.

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