Positive change is afoot at Critical Software Technologies as 49 employees ready, steady themselves for the world’s largest corporate health initiative. Commencing May 24, Critical Software employees will join a 180,000-strong legion of workers worldwide in the Global Corporate Challenge® (GCC), a workplace program designed to reverse the sedentary lifestyle plaguing the full time workforce and return sustained health, morale and productivity perks to the workplace.


With today’s average worker taking only 3,000 steps per day – a significant shortfall from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended 10,000 steps – it is not surprising that obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression and some cancers are on the rise and taking their toll on employees and their workplaces across the country – and the world.


“Employee wellbeing is a priority at Critical Softwaresaid Jayne Veazey, Operations Manager at Critical Software.


“We care about our employees – and it also makes good business sense. Like so many workers the world over, many Critical Software employees are ingrained in sedentary practices and habits. Physically it’s not healthy, and beyond that, it impacts negatively on productivity and morale.  We want to empower our employees to challenge their stationary lifestyle patterns, to incorporate healthy physical activity into their lives so they can live and work at their best. The Global Corporate Challenge provides a perfect platform to achieve this” said Veazey.


Over 16 weeks, participating Critical Software employees will team up and work together to boost their daily physical activity levels both in the workplace and out.  Guided to adopt more health-conscious lifestyle habits, Critical Software employees will strive to meet and exceed WHO’s 10,000 step recommendation (or equivalent through swimming and cycling), every step delivering not only wellbeing improvement but also fun via team progress in the program’s virtual world trek – an engaging itinerary designed to enrich team working dynamics and maintain the commitment required for behaviour change.


“Investing in the long term wellbeing of our employees through the GCC delivers Critical Software a more engaged and resilient workforce, one better equipped to face daily challenges” said Veazey.


Furthermore, for each Critical Software employee participating in the Global Corporate Challenge®, Critical Software will also sponsor a local student to participate in the free-of-charge Global Children’s Challenge™, a classroom-based health program which encourages the formation of healthy and life-long daily exercise habits.


“Community involvement is an important component of Critical Software’s Corporate Social Responsibility commitment and we like to give back where we can. It’s something that Critical Software employees really feel good about, and we’re all delighted to support these children in getting active and healthy for life. ” said Veazey.


Critical Software will be joining more than 1,500 organisations world-wide in stepping up for this year’s Global Corporate Challenge®.


“We’re very excited to join so many employers in this vast and valuable initiative. Already, increased camaraderie and the spirit of friendly competition has positively impacted our workplace culture and we are all looking forward to showing the world – and ourselves – what we can do”.