The City & Guilds Group, a global leader in skills development, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with MyKindaCrowd – a fast-growing innovator revolutionising the way young people connect with employers. The agreement includes the City & Guilds Group taking a minority stake in MyKindaCrowd.

The partnership will help to bring employers closer to schools and colleges by offering more opportunities for young people to connect what they learn in the classroom with what happens in the workplace. It is hoped that in turn this will help to fix the skills gaps that could have a negative impact on the UK’s growth.

The City & Guilds Group and MyKindaCrowd believe there needs to be a closer link between education and employment. In October 2013, City & Guilds conducted research with 1000 employers and found that 62% of employers in the UK don’t believe young people understand what employers are looking for in young recruits but 77% feel that young people with work experience are more employable.

In conjunction with this, MyKindaCrowd’s own research found that 93% of teachers want a closer involvement of business to help them build practical skills and knowledge for their students.

Speaking about the partnership, Kirstie Donnelly, UK Managing Director, City & Guilds said: ‘Far too often, we hear employers saying that young people aren’t ready for the workplace, or that they’re experiencing skills gaps in their industry. And yet we see persistently high levels of youth unemployment.

‘This partnership is a practical step to help tackle the problem at its core’.

William Akerman, Founder and Managing Director, MyKindaCrowd said: ‘By facilitating links with schools, colleges and teachers, we allow UK businesses to take proactive steps in creating their future skilled workforce.

‘Our partnership with City & Guilds will open new opportunities to engage directly with more young people and educators, ensuring young people leave education with the skills employers need.’