Cambridge Cognition (COG:LSE), the global provider of cognitive assessment software, today announced the launch of Cantab Corporate Health –  a new partnership with leading health and wellbeing consultancy Shandwell.

The new company is dedicated to working with employers and their healthcare providers in delivering sensitive and accurate cognitive assessments in all relevant workplace settings using tests developed and validated by Cambridge Cognition. The tests are run through iPads and provide reports in minutes. 

Shandwell’s managing director, John Picken, who will also head up Cantab Corporate Health, said:

“There is a growing understanding that cognitive health determines what work we can do and for how long. Closely linked to physical health, it also has a significant impact on performance and productivity.

“This new venture will give all stakeholders in the health of the working population the opportunity to measure and help manage cognitive health using the latest digital health tools. The tests are culturally neutral, language independent and applicable across all ages and in all occupations from the shop floor to the boardroom.”

One of the first UK clients is Blossoms Healthcare. CEO Magnus Kauders commented:

“When we talk to our clients, especially those working in the financial sector, they often say they’re concerned about their memory and concentration. Being able to sensitively assess whether a slight worry about memory may be a mild cognitive impairment (or not) has a lot of value. We’ll either get to a diagnosis quicker, or be able to provide some useful reassurance. The partners at PwC are the first of our clients to use Cantab assessments and we know they hold great promise for many other businesses.”   

Mr Picken also reported considerable global interest including US hospital groups and a trial to measure the impact of behavioural change programmes on employee cognitive health in Asia.

Dr Steven Powell, Cambridge Cognition’s Chief Operating Officer also highlighted the potential for Cantab technology in the workplace:

“With an ageing working population, there is an increasing need to manage the associated cognitive health risks. Our technology is already being used widely in primary care, research and pharmaceutical development. This new venture with Shandwell, which has an excellent track record of introducing innovation into the corporate health and wellbeing sector, will enable its benefits to be demonstrated on an even wider scale.”