This week the British Humanist Association are launching Resolution Revolution a New Year initiative to get more people volunteering and doing things to help others and support a more cohesive society which could help HR managers ensure that staff have a positive outlook in 2011.

HR managers can use this project to get staff volunteering where they’ll develop new skills and feel better about themselves according to leading Psychologist Professor John Norcross at the University of Scranton Pennsylvania who commented “”Setting and reaching a meaningful New Year’s resolution results in increased self-confidence and improved health.”

Resolution Revolution is a twist on the traditional New Year resolutions and instead of stopping drinking, smoking and biting nails people will be encouraged to make a resolution to do something for others; ‘sweep a neighbour’s icy path’, ‘volunteer with a local charity’ or ‘carry an organ donor card’. A new way to talk about an old idea.

HR managers can help employees realise their potential and get involved in their community or area of interest. The BHA are supporting HR managers with a template poster and email, which can be edited to fit each work place, Contact [email protected] for more ideas to help make sure staff make the most of 2011.

At the (5.12.11) website people can get ideas, see what others are doing, make pledges and then tell the world how it worked out. There will be regular updates for participants so that they can see what has happened so far and ensure the momentum is maintained.

Resolution Revolutionaries will be encouraged to think again about how to make effective resolutions using an evidence-based approach and advice on how to genuinely change and stick to their resolutions supported by a reminders-based system from the Resolution Revolution website.The emphasis is very much on things people can do rather than things they pay for or donate to.