This month Taleo, the leading global provider of on-demand talent management is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Ten years ago HR was done almost entirely with a pen and paper and UK businesses were heavily reliant on recruitment agencies when hiring. Today, technology has helped revolutionise these processes with social recruiting and direct candidate sourcing allowing businesses to manage their recruiting processes more effectively.

With technology also providing unprecedented insight into the skills, goals and experiences of employees, today’s businesses can manage talent better, and with less resource, than ever before.

So what does the future look like for talent management?

For Taleo, the direction of the industry is clear: over the coming years talent will continue to shape and direct the business agenda, regardless of the state of the economy.

The business reasons for this change are compelling:

  • 70% of the typical organisation’s spend is on people. The workforce represents a company’s biggest expense and largest asset, but most companies know more about their supply chain, balance sheets and networking equipment than their very own people
  • Executive compensation, aligning business and individual goals, employee performance, succession plans and recruitment agility have never been so important to businesses, this isn’t just another problem, it’s now the most important one
  • In fact, in a Global CEO survey just published by PWC, 97% identified access to—and retention of –key talent as the NUMBER ONE source of competitive advantage and business growth for the future.

If you would like to arrange a briefing with Alice Snell, vice president of Taleo’s research to discuss the company’s vision for the future of talent management and its second 10 years, please do get in touch on the details below.


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