SkillSoft research highlights ‘soft skills’ as employees aim to skill up on time and people management

In support of Campaign for Learning’s Adult Learning Week, SkillSoft has surveyed a sample of over 200 employees’ attitudes to training and the skills they believe to be most important in today’s economic environment.

The SkillSoft Learning at Work Day survey found that, while training in technical/business skills –such as IT, project management and communications – were considered important and received employer support in 90% of cases, the need for ‘soft skills’ – people management, leadership and time management – was very strong. A huge majority (88%) of respondents said that they would even be prepared to develop these skills in their own time outside working hours.

Among the soft skills that respondents rated highly were: ‘people management’, with 31% citing this as the most important, ‘time management’, with 23% support, and ‘problem solving’, which was the first choice for 18% of the respondents. However, 90% believed that business pressures currently limit the time they have available to develop these skills.

In support of Learning at Work Day on 14th May 2009, SkillSoft – a leading provider of e-learning and performance support solutions – is pleased to offer access to courses in three popular soft skills areas including: Problem Solving, Project Management and People Management. These free courses will be available on the SkillSoft website throughout May and June in support of Learning at Work Day.

“SkillSoft supports the Campaign for Learning and believes thatLearning at Work Day is an important initiative in learning enhancement, both for employers and workers,” said Kevin Young, SkillSoft General Manager, EMEA. “In today’s economic environment, we’re pleased that SkillSoft can provide innovative e-learning solutions that help stretch training budgets at a time when every penny counts,” he added.

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