A recent survey by online job board TipTopJob.com has revealed a low of confidence in trade unions’ ability to protect workers from job loss or pay cuts. Shockingly only 32% of nearly 2500 jobseekers asked believe that a union might be able to help them avoid redundancy.

tiptopjob1Furthermore, more than half of the people asked would not even consider joining a union if they have not already. The data, compiled from jobseekers on TipTopJob.com shows that our workforce no longer have confidence in their representational body to protect their interests.

Mike Dauncey, CEO of TipTopJob.com comments:
“In this time of economic crisis the British labour market is struggling and what we are still seeing is a shift in opinion where ‘united front’ bodies demand little to no respect.

Obviously the trade unions power has been diminished by the ferocity of the economy, however never before have we seen such a low level of confidence in their ability to prevent redundancy.”

In times such as these when the economic climate is unstable unions appear to be ineffective and are doing little to sustain workers and convey their opinions to heads of companies.

Right up until the 80s union membership boomed and workers were at last empowered by a whole body that recognised the value of workers’ needs and interests in increasing productivity. Now it would seem that recent job fatalities have left employees and job seekers no hope that unions will aid them in times of need.

Do you belong to a union or not?

  • YES – 435
  • NO – 1,993

If not would you consider joining a union?

  • YES – 485
  • NO – 609

Do you think that a union could help you avoid being made redundant?

  • YES – 326
  • NO – 693

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