Shower Hub 1

Shower Hub 1

Modular buildings specialist Clearspace and, the UK’s leading tax-free cycle to work programme, have come together to get even more people cycling to work and are giving away a standalone car park shower and changing unit worth £30,000

It is estimated that a massive two million people will start cycling to work this summer and Clearspace and CycleScheme want to increase that number further with the giveaway of a Shower Hub.

Lack of shower facilities in the workplace has been identified as one of the main barriers preventing people from cycling to work. However, the Shower Hub, which has been developed by Clearspace Buildings, provides a real and affordable solution for companies that wish to get their staff cycling and reap the health and financial rewards associated with this.

The competition is open to all organisations employing eight or more people. Entries to the competition close on the 29 August, with the winner being announced on National Cycle to Work Day on 4 September.

Entry is online at,00 and entrants simply need to explain in no more than 350 words how a Shower Hub will benefit their workforce. As part of the prize, Clearspace will also deliver and install the double unit in the winner’s car park.

The Shower Hub is the first of its kind in the UK and has been developed in conjunction with cyclists, facility managers and respected figures within the world of sustainability. It is available in two, six and eight configurations, although the company has had request for 70+ units.

The Shower Hub is endorsed by cycling hero Rob Hayles, three-time Olympic medallist, double track world champion and cycling commentator.

He said: “I love the Shower Hub. I love the ethos; the fact that it is modular means it can be squeezed into tight spaces that are hard to come by at a lot of facilities. “The Shower Hub is an excellent resource for cyclists. I’m passionate about cycling, professionally and personally, and if the introduction of facilities like this encourages more people to leave their cars at home and take up cycling, that’s excellent news for everyone.”

The prize – a two unit Shower Hub prize comprises separate shower and change facilities, is clad in sustainable cedar wood clad, takes up only two car parking spaces and can be installed and connected to power and water in less than a day.

New findings show that two million people will cycle to work this summer, compared to about 164,000 last year. Companies who wish to benefit from less sick days and more productive staff are advised to incentivise their staff to join the trend.

Research has shown that active employees take half the sick days of those who do not keep fit. They are also 15% more productive with task errors lowered by 27%. Employers will reap in the CSR benefits of becoming a more sustainable company too.

Scott Horner, Managing Director of Clearspace Buildings, said: “We’re excited to be giving away a Shower Hub to a company that shows a real commitment to their sustainable transport programme. Combined with the Hub’s offering unparalleled energy efficiency at cost effective rates, we believe this product can offer long-term benefits to the winning organisation.”

James Borley, Communications Manager,, said: “An on-site shower is the perfect instalment to encourage those self-conscious of being too hot and flustered after a morning cycle to work. The winner is announced on Cycle to Work Day, 4 September, which is a great opportunity for the winner to get their workforce excited about cycling.”

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