HR gurus from across the Yorkshire region are being encouraged to put their heads together to help Yorkshire businesses emerge from the recession stronger than ever.

The official launch of the Yorkshire HR Network (YHR) is designed to introduce and connect experts from throughout the industry, at a time when businesses are striving to retain talent and improve staff efficiencies.

Until now the YHR network has existed only as a virtual concept. Unimpressed by the lack of knowledge sharing groups within the HR industry in Yorkshire, Abbie Granger, director of Harrington Norman created a LinkedIn group through which people can post HR queries, offer ideas and provide relevant updates – legislative or otherwise.

“Now with over 110 members, the LinkedIn group provides a constant online HR forum,” explains Abbie. “But despite the growing importance of social media we cannot forget the value of face-to-face contact.

“The event is not about sales leads and business referrals though. Instead Joanne Ernst, senior consultant at Primeast will chair several roundtable discussions ranging from employee engagement to The Equality Act, so that attendees can leave the day having shared their valuable insight, and hopefully having learned something in return.

“As well as myself, YHR Network managers Farha Leadbetter of Gordons LLP, Andrew Court of Cascade HR, Matthew Livsey from Welcome to Yorkshire are confirmed as attending, each bringing a slightly different slant to the event.”

Explaining why it is so important for HR experts to connect, Abbie continues: “In the current climate, the success and sustainability of our organisations depends upon the quality of staff we employ, the efficiency with which they work and their level of workplace engagement.

“People continue to overlook the value of HR, when in truth HR professionals have the potential to make a supportive, strategic and recession-busting contribution in the boardroom.