Playing pool or snooker at work may ease stressStress may be come less of a problem in the workplace if HR departments or employers designate areas of the office to be used for recreational purposes, it has been suggested.

Emirates Business reports the companies in Dubai which have introduced such areas have found that in addition to improving staff well-being, productivity among workers also received a boost.

The publication claims that stress caused by the pressures of work can build up over a long time and has a significant impact on physical health, meaning it is important employees are able to unwind.

One Emirates business – TBWARAAD – revealed it had a garden with picnic tables, a pool table, basket ball court and walls which workers could write on – all of which had been installed to help employees relax.

Other recreational equipment installed by businesses included table tennis, a football table and a PS2.

Meanwhile, Dr Clare Kelliher, of Cranfield School of Management, recently claimed employers need to have procedures in place to help them deal with mental and physical health and well-being in the workplace.