How will HR departments cope with the Royal Mail strike?The Royal Mail postal strike may force HR departments to external and possible internal communication policy by opting to embrace technology more.

Benny Har-Even, technology editor at IT PRO, has claimed that businesses are likely to turn to technology as an alternative to the postal service as workers announce they will strike this week.

However, this could result in security of correspondence becoming a priority, he added.

"There’s technology built in to Windows 7 which is designed to make it easier for companies to connect to each other securely, so there are definitely other possibilities," Mr Har-Even noted.

His comments come as secretary of state for business, innovation and skills Lord Mandelson told the House of Lords that businesses would turn to the internet if the strike went ahead.

He explained that business will be quick to recognise that while a delivery office can be affected by industrial action in order to stop the service or refuse to deliver letters, the "ever-present internet" will not be the subject of picketing.

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