New research reflects on the cities in the UK which are most likely to adopt a flexible working approach in light of lockdown restrictions phasing out. 

Research by Bizspace, a company which provides regional flexible workspaces, has ranked the cities in the UK where workers are most likely to want a varied approach to work through a mix of remote and in-person workspaces.

The data centres around the regional areas in the UK which have frequently searched for different terms related to flexible working spaces.

It compares results from August last year where employees were urged to go back to work and October when staff were told to work from home where possible, calculating the percentage increase. As such, these cities were determined to be the most keen to implement a flexible working solution.

Exeter ranked first with a percentage difference of +275 per cent, highlighting that many organisations in this area have been searching for flexible work places.

This was swiftly followed by Bath which had a percentage difference of +225 per cent. Preston ranked third, with a percentage increase of 200 per cent.

The full list is detailed below:

  1. Exeter – Percentage increase = 275 per cent
  2. Bath – Percentage increase = 225 per cent
  3. Preston – Percentage increase = 200 per cent
  4. Cheltenham – Percentage increase = 167 per cent
  5. Guildford – Percentage increase = 125 per cent
  6. Derby – Percentage increase = 125 per cent
  7. Chelmsford – Percentage increase = 100 per cent
  8. Middlesborough – Percentage increase = 100 per cent
  9. Swansea – Percentage increase = 100 per cent
  10. Worcester – Percentage increase = 100 per cent

Overall in the UK, the trend is up by 37.2 per cent, indicating that UK workers desire to be in an office environment in some capacity, rather than a full-time home working set up.

Commenting on the research, Khalid Aziz, Marketing Director of BizSpace, said:

With UK employees and firms still in a third lockdown, the majority of office workers continue to work from home as their offices remain firmly shut. It is no secret that for many employees, this has taken a toll on their mental health as they continue to feel isolated from their colleagues and family whilst spending their working day alone.

While some predict working life may return to normal once offices reopen, the data suggests the cities on this list may favour a more flexible approach over a lengthy commute and the traditional office environment.