Managers need to be people-centredThe most successful managers and HR professionals are those who are able to add a personal touch to their management style, rather than being obsessed with figures, new research has revealed.

According to a study from the Work Foundation, traditional views on what makes the best manager may no longer ring true and that in fact a highly people-centred approach to leadership results in outstanding performance.

An outstanding business leader will be able to think and act systemically, be relationship-centred – viewing people as the route to performance – and be self-confident rather than arrogant.

Lead author Penny Tamkin said such managers would manager performance holistically and use challenge and support as a way of motivating people, rather than relying on training and advice.

Commenting on the report, Ruth Spellman, chief executive at the Chartered Management Institute, said: “If a manager or leader is to be regarded as outstanding and able to improve their team’s performance they need to be professional, competent and accountable.”

She added that a disengaged workforce will frequently have poor quality of management and leadership at its heart.