The historical adoption of the Ulrich Model is potentially a contributing factor for the increasing lack of commercial HR Business Partners and Generalists – which is having a knock on effect at the senior end of the HR market. That’s according to the latest market update from HR recruitment specialists Macmillan Davies Hodes.

“The fact that there is a lack of broadly skilled HR generalists is a sign that it’s increasingly difficult for the HR Business Partners and HR Directors of the future to gain not only the breadth of experience needed but also the solid commercial and business acumen so vital for senior HR professionals in an influencing role”, said Chris Archer of Macmillan Davies Hodes. “These are people who have to pull all the strands of a HR function together and understand the impact of outcomes on the business as a whole – and our concern is that there are just not enough to meet future demand.”

From a hiring perspective the report highlights there is still a perception that there is a large supply of HR talent on the market while in reality this is far from the case with many of the best people being reluctant to move in what are still uncertain times – and employers desperate to hold onto their stars. Additionally companies are putting extra hurdles in the recruitment processes in a bid to ‘reduce risk’ in hiring “We are still seeing very lengthy hiring processes, says Archer which can have an impact on the organisation’s employer brand and ability to hire successfully.”

Other areas of HR experiencing demand highlighted in the update include experience graduate recruiters and compensations & benefits specialists – particularly in the financial services sector which has had to rethink some of its remuneration structures in the light of changing rules on compensation. Additionally, the update reports increasing and consistent demand for L& D specialists.